TECLEW is the engineering company proposing the WINDEX range of products.

This engineering company, settled in 2007, consists of skilled persons specialized in all the sectors of the thermotechnical plants

The mission is the promotion of the WINDEX products by the complete and exhaustive consulting to our customers. Infact we have technicians specilized in all the sectors of the installation engineering, who are able to operate successfully in all the intevention fields.

The planning of the plants and the use of our units must proceed together with the architectural planning, in the full respect of the needs of the customers, of the end-users and above all of the energy-saving and of the enivronmental respect.
The production process is followed very carefully from the project to the manufacturing and the assembling of the units, in qualified factories where we verify personally all the tests.

TECLEW, thanks to its team of technical specialists in all the sectors, can promote WINDEX products, which have been made suitable for the:

The capacity to uptodate always according to the standards, the environmental needs and the most advanced technological solutions, is the leit-motiv of the constant growing of windex.
Therefore the engineering support of TECLEW is focused first of all on the lowest energy consumption, thanks to the best technological solutions.

The team of technicians of TECLEW can operate in:

  • research and development,
  • energetical certifications,
  • project management,
  • consulting,
  • technical expertises and all the needs connected to the installations aspects.

The goal is the complete satisfaction of the customer.
Furthermore TECLEW can manage the training of the workers both in his factory and in the installation plants, in order to grant to the custome the best safety in managing the plant.